RTD Consultant
Date Posted:07-06-2021
Job Summary
  • Skills
    NETWORK PLANNING, Production Strategy
  • Location
  • Job Title
    RTD Consultant
  • Educational Qualification
  • Experience Required (yrs)
    8 - 15 years

Job Description

Desired Skills & Traits:

• Excellent knowledge of ready to drink alcoholic beverages making, 

• Specifically someone who has consulted at Bacardi Breezer

• Superior interpersonal communication skills, and strong organizational abilities

• Masters in Oenology/ Fermentation Science and in Viticulture will added advantage 

• Understanding and knowledge of flavour, formula and carbonation.

• Preferably someone who has consulted at other RTD projects like Breezer etc, 

• Should have know-how of RTD domestic and international markets


Key Responsibilities:

• Creating and executing production strategy, product innovation and annual integrated activity plan 

• Manage and supervise all day-to-day operations for Ready to drink project

• Assist in developing network with suppliers and co –manufacturers for RTD

• Maintenance, storage, handling, and cost control of the project.

• Ensures quality and stylistic fitness 

• Collaborate with Quality, to ensure all Suppliers and Manufacturing to be operating in compliance to standards

• Supports the co-ordination and supply of wines to meet Co-Manufacturing production

• Implements and sustains validation and risk grid analysis for partners and co-manufacturers

• Ensures timely and efficient transfer and production to meet production schedules.

• Detects defects in the production process by looking at the color and Tasting and help to rectify if needed.

• To read the sweetness, acidity, fruitiness of the blend and the texture.

• Testing flavor, formula and carbonation 

• Comply with all health and safety regulations

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