3rd Engineer
Date Posted:01-02-2022
Job Summary
  • Location
  • Job Title
    3rd Engineer
  • Qualification
    B.E/B.Tech, Diploma, Others
  • Years of Experience
    2 - 10 years

Job Description

Job Description:
1)This position is part of the Operations Team and as such interfaces with
other technicians when fulfilling and managing operational duties and
functions for the Utilities Plant, and when providing first line maintenance
of Utilities items of equipment and machinery, within areas of
2)The position is responsible to the Operations Superintendent for the
operation of power generation and utilities, along with the maintenance,
commissioning and repairs of all utility systems.
3)Key Systems & Process Relevant to Position
4)Permit to Work system
5)Planned maintenance and inventory control systems
6)Maintenance procedural system
7)Operations procedures.
8)Member of Emergency Teams
9)job Risk Assessment and/or Analysis systems
10)Reporting Relationships
11)Position reports to the Operations Superintendent.
12)The following positions report to this position: General Purpose
Operators (GPO’s) on operational/maintenance duties.
13)As part of the offshore Operations Team there is indirect input into
the annual FPSO Opex budget.
14)As part of the offshore Operations Team there is a direct input to
maintain the daily oil and gas production targets on an annual basis.
Education/ Certification
Class II or Class IV Motor COC
Experience/Interpersonal Skills
1)2nd Class Motor Certificate of competency.
2)Oil Tanker endorsement
3)Relevant operating/maintenance experience on a VESSEL / FACILITY or
similar Vessel / Facility and knowledge of tanker operations and
4)Experience with Safety Management Systems and computerised
Planned Maintenance System.
5)Fluency in English with good personal and interpersonal skills and
culturally aware with experience of working with multi-cultural workforce
• Offshore Survival
Position Goals
To operate in a safe and efficient manner, power generation, all utility
operations, emergency machinery and hotel services, in order to
achieve safety and production targets.
Key Performance Measures
As part of the Operations Team demonstrate commitment to the Team
Goals by;
1) Achieving a Zero LTI performance.
2) Assisting operations related incidents thorough investigations, which
are to be submitted in good time to the Operations SUPERINTENDENT.
3) By maintaining a team goal aimed at maximising Oil and Gas
production. Will achieve the business plan’s “committed” target as a
4) Achieving Major equipment availability > 98%
5) All PM’s completed as Maintenance Philosophy.
6) Completion of safety critical PM’s. Which is part of this team member’s
performance review?
7) Demonstrates knowledge of HSE policy and procedures.
8) Monitors and maintains records/logs of all Utility Machinery as is

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