Radio Officer
Date Posted:28-01-2022
Job Summary
  • Location
  • Job Title
    Radio Officer
  • Qualification
    Class 12, Others
  • Years of Experience
    5 - 15 years

Job Description

Job Description
1)To provide POB data onboard and to shore personnel.
2)To maintain Cabin/Lifeboat assigned plan.
3)To maintain crew training certification & medical data.
4)To maintain & update security clearance requirements of expat crew
5)To assist in documentation on board.
6)To assist and provide appropriate logistics for personnel onboard,
embarking & disembarking.
7)To maintain communications by telephone for onboard/shore effectively.
8)To assist in any other clerical & logistical activities to improve the
performance of the vessel.
•prepare and affix daily crew list in appropriate format,
•prepare and affix daily cabin/Lifeboat assigned plan list,
•maintain and affix the Crew Rotation plan,
•prepare and send various types of letters through email and/or post,
•prepare various types of forms as required,
•maintain, update, follow up and assist in obtaining various security
clearance certificates like
oMoHA permits,
oresidential permits,
oNo Objection Certificates of expats,
•maintain and update crew training certificates,
•assist in obtaining PAN for regular expats by liaising with OCS Mumbai,
•assist in obtaining, distribution of various documents to personnel onboard,
•prepare and printing of various certificates for crew,
•update and maintain related reports in computers like;
oSitrep Navy report, (POB update & IB clearance)
oRIL Access Control report, (POB update)
oRIL POB report
•maintain and update the Emergency Contact Data of Vendors,
•Maintaining a record of gifts distributed to personnel onboard and any
other documents OIM/SUPERINTENDENTs.
•2) Communication/Correspondence
•Send by email daily/weekly basis;
o crew list to principles, client and agents,
osend and receive email daily mob & demob list to agents and concerned
personnel on board,
o send an email weekly flight bookings,
o follow up and distribute flight tickets for all personnel,
o send and receive weekly hotel bookings,
o send and receive NOC certificates for Expats leaving the vessel,
o receive Residential permits and distribution to appropriate personnel,
o send by email weekly the RIL Access Control record
o Time sheets of signing off personnel to OCS and weekly to OCS & Norspol,
o MoHA (Security clearance) weekly status reports to the Principles,
o sending by email weekly the Crew Rotation Plan to the principles, crew
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o send by email Vendor’s details to principles,
o send and receive any official requests from personnel to crew agents,
o send chopper schedules to concerned personnel onboard,
o Receive blank forms and send filled PAN application forms to OCS for new
•POB List (Crew List) as required by the
•Chopper bookings,
•cabin plan/Lifeboat Plan for personnel arriving and leaving the vessel,
•arrange flight bookings and hotels for personnel leaving the vessel,
•Assist in mail (documents) sent from local agents to vessel via chopper.
4)Telephone Console Manning
•Receive and make official calls from principles and agents for personnel
5)Assist OIM / SUPERINTENDENTs for any documentation as necessary
GMDSS certification
Experience as radio officer, purser or similar position on sailing vessels in
work wide trade
Interpersonal Skills
1.Good communicative skills, fluent English oral and written
2.Good abilities in collaboration/team-work

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