2nd Officer
Date Posted:27-01-2022
Job Summary
  • Location
  • Job Title
    2nd Officer
  • Qualification
  • Years of Experience
    1 - 10 years

Job Description

Job Description
1)Operate, monitor and troubleshoot marine, cargo and relevant utility
2)Operate and monitor Operator Station and loading/ stability computer;
3)Operate and monitor radio and navigation equipment (GMDSS, Radar/
ARPA, AIS, Gyro etc.);
4)Maintain deck watch;
5)Monitor unit and export tanker positions;
6)Perform cargo operations (loading/ offloading of crude oil, control of tank
pressure, Crude Oil Washing, ballast cargo and slop tanks’ transfers, ullaging
and/or sounding of cargo, slop, ballast tanks and void spaces, and slop water
transfer, sampling etc.);
7)Perform cargo and stress/ stability calculations; Ensure cargo plan is
followed and stability/ stress parameters are within the allowable limits;
8)Perform shuttle tanker mooring/ unmooring, hose and hawser operations;
9)Operate and monitor metering system. Perform proving;
10)Monitor Safety Zone and control traffic in vicinity;
11)Monitor weather conditions; Monitor communications and CCTV;
12)Assist in Helicopter operations; Control personnel transfer operations;
Control supply vessel operations;
13)Assist in tank entry preparations and safety arrangements; Monitor
personnel working in the tanks;
14) Assist in control of structural maintenance and housekeeping of the deck
areas, accommodation, enclosed and machinery spaces. Ensure CR is kept tidy
and in good order;
15)Perform first line and preventive maintenance of marine, cargo and
relevant utility systems as per Computerized Maintenance Management
16)Identify and report marine, cargo and relevant utility systems maintenance
17)Liaise with other departments for coordination of operation activities;
18)Use the Permit to Work system. Prepare Permits. Follow the Permit to
Work procedures;
19)Use the Maintenance Management System. Update records, generate
work orders;
20)Prepare required reports, keep logs and maintain appropriate
21)Ensure that vendors and contractors are managed safely and effectively;
22)Undertake training relevant to the position requirements; On-the-jobtraining of colleagues and trainees;
23)Perform additional tasks as assigned by the OIM
24)Member of Emergency Response Team
Chief Officer's license for Second Officer
One year experience as watch 2nd Officer or keeping officer or marine
operator. Can be substituted with three years’ experience on FPSO or other
offshore installations in other positions

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